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Private Kids Ski Lessons Tignes

Ski Lessons Tailored to your Children's needs

TDC Tignes Private Development Ski Lessons are the perfect environment to allow your chilrden to develop their skiing skills, in a fun and safe enviroment, where they can still be encouraged to achieve the most that they can.

Good solid technique doesn't have to be boring or presented in a dull way.

Private ski lessons are sometimes the best way to get the kids to improve at their pace.

TDC Tignes' children ski lesson times are normally Mornings 9am - 12 noon - or - Afternoons 1pm - 4pm - or - All day


Private Development : make the breakthrough with your own instructor.

1-2 people 3-4 people 5-6 people 1-6 people
220 € 235 € (3 Hour) 250 € 475 € (All Day)

(prices are per lesson not per child - i.e. if you were to have a private lesson for 4 children the session would be 235 € in total or 58.75 € per child)

Private Share Scheme - "luxury at half the cost"

On booking your private development lesson you can state that you are happy to share your lesson with another person. If you or TDC manage to find somebody to share with, you save 50%!

All of TDC Tignes' ski products are designed to give you the best opportunity for your teenagers to improve their skiing skills and their enjoyment of skiing.

Too often in our experience have we heard "We would love the kids to get better and I know they need to learn, but ski school is not for them!"

Safety, Fun and Learning

Well this is exactly where the coaches at TDC come in. We do not intend to "tell" your children what to do over and over. We will facilitating a fun sports coaching environment in which the children will have the opportunity to improve and make lasting and rewarding improvements.

See also the Group Childrens Lessons in Tignes...

If you wish to get involved in more of a group environment which is aimed more at adults then check out our highly successful clinic format, small size group lessons, or private development lessons.

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Our normal clinic times are either 9am - 12noon or 1pm - 4pm, please contact us to find out the exact running times of the clinic of your choice the week that you are skiing.

All the TDC clinics are designed to give the participants the best opportunity to improve their performance and enjoyment of skiing. The clinics will have technical, tactical and psychological focuses according to the needs and goals of the individuals in the group, whilst ensuring that the most important outcome is enjoyment. The choice of terrain will take advantage of the best conditions available on the mountain at the time.

Too often in our experience have we heard "I would love to get better and I know there are things for me to learn but ski school is not for me!"

Want more than just regular Ski School?

Well this is exactly where the instructors at TDC come in. We do not intend to "tell" you what to do over and over. We are committed to facilitating a full sports coaching environment in which the individual will improve their understanding and have the opportunity to make lasting and rewarding improvements.

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Skiing bumps is a massive challenge to your balance.
Look at how to deal with this challenge.


What others have been saying about
TDC the development centre - Tignes


  • The Best Available

    "This was the second time we have had our boys (aged 9, 7 and 5) taught by Gavin and Rab and the second time we could not have been more delighted with them."
    Daniel, 2017
  • Amazing Instructors

    "Incredibly quick to pick up all of our mistakes, whilst delivering the instructions in a way that improved confidence. A really friendly team and very well qualified."
    Richard, 2017
  • Awesome day Off Piste

    "A massive thanks to Charlie for guiding me and my friends off piste resulting in the best day of our weeks skiing!"
    Rory 2017
  • Learnt Lots and Great Fun Too

    "I found the whole experience with TDC excellent, the booking service was easy, quick, efficient and friendly and the lessons themselves were awesome."
    Sarah 2017
  • Intermediate Skiers Or Above - This Is The Place For You!

    "This was my second year with TDC. This year we had Grant and he was AMAZING. We learnt a bunch of new things and we did some fun exercises too!"
    Alex, 2017

Group Clinics

Designed to allow individuals to get access to quality and specific ski instruction, groups are kept between 3-6 people,

Private Development Lessons

For those individuals, or groups, who would like to benefit from their own instructor, private lessons are a great.

Off-Piste Ski Lessons

Learn to ski powder in either a group clinic or private lesson format. Ski the whole mountain, go on adventures that you.

Children's Ski Lessons

Groups or Privates, Teenagers or Children. Safe, Fun and Inspiring. Fantastic all round ski coaching for 10 - 17yr olds.

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